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03/23/2009 17:42

Hi-mart Auctions & eBay Store is a new idea with live and audiovisual Auction on Internet TV 24 hours a day 7days a week. The first prototype of this unique concept is based in suburban of Washington DC. The Capital of United State of America . Soon in Suburban of every major city world wide. We offers every items live on Himart TV and with close-up to see the part you would like. The clip will be in our archive for your view until the end of Auction in addition that all items are available in our stores and storage for your examination, pickup or delivery. We also offer live auctions of almost all auctioneers world wide from New York, Paris, London, Rome, Tokyo, Peking to Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Jakarta, Brussels, , Frankfort and hundreds of other Auction houses World wide (see list and schedules of auctions). We can appraise each items and put with min starting bid on your particular items which would be shown in our store and our Hi Mart TV Naturally real state, Aircraft, Helicopter, boats, cars agricultural and construction equipments may not be available in our store but on TV and designated address, Please check our list and you add more with yours for sale o Auction.


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